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Hartney Enterprises is a Calgary, Alberta business that offers a wide range of technology and web services to small and large businesses in the Southern Alberta area. If you are a local business and need a reliable website, a custom web application, cloud storage, mobile-friendly applications, or an internal company website (intranet), [HE] can deliver. Want a SharePoint site, but worried where your data will be stored? We have a solution for that too! With a customer-centric approach and a focus on rapid delivery, Hartney Enterprises has provided solutions to small and large organizations.

Vision: Hartney Enterprises invests in organizations through marketing, technology, and business process improvement initiatives using new technologies in innovative ways and rigorous project management to improve the performance and profitability of partner organizations.

Serving Calgary and Southern Alberta: Currently owned and operated by Jon Hartney (Jon Hartney, B.Mgt: Calgary-based SharePoint and Information architect, business analyst, consultant, and web services provider ), Hartney Enterprises offers consulting services to businesses across Canada, with the majority of clients residing in Calgary and Southern Alberta.
Local business consulting: Website provisions (design, development, marketing), data and cloud hosting (including business continuity and disaster recovery planning), and small business marketing
Big business consulting: Process improvement and re-engineering, and SharePoint/information planning


  • New Site!

    Welcome to Hartney Enterprises (and the new site: hartneyenterprises.com). Have a look around and let me know if you have any questions!

  • A Memory Like Cicero

    There are so many great Ted Talks out there, but one I saw recently impacted me greatly. It’s called Feats of Memory presented by Joshua Foer. The premise is this: great minds from the past expanded their minds and their memory, they invested in their memories. Explore the Baker/baker paradox, Cicero’s memorization methodologies, and the memory palace….


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