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A Memory Like Cicero: Ted Talks Favorites
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7 August 2014 - 21:47, by , in Book reviews, Featured Content, No comments

There are so many great Ted Talks out there, but one I saw recently impacted me greatly. It’s called Feats of Memory presented by Joshua Foer. The premise is this: great minds from the past expanded their minds and their memory, they invested in their memories.

Explore the Baker/baker paradox, Cicero’s memorization methodologies, and the memory palace. Using your strengths in visual and spacial tricks that help you preserve ideas and memories. Over time we have developed technologies that help us outsource our memory – demotivating us from flexing our memory muscles.

Train your memory – it’s simple. Want to know what works and what doesn’t? Want to know some of the secrets that were used by Cicero to memorize full length speeches?

Check out the talk here:

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